SKANDAL U TERETANI, CURU IZBACILI ZBOG ‘IZAZOVNIH’ TAJICA: Tek je kasnije uočila pravi problem, vidite li ga vi?


Kada su joj prišli zaposlenici, prvo su je pitali nosi li tange

Dizačica utega Gabi Goddard iz australskog Sydneyja vježbala je u teretani 14. kolovoza, kada joj je prišla članica osoblja i zamolila je da se ode kući presvući ako želi nastaviti svoj trening. Kada je pitala u čemu je problem, ovoj 27-godišnjakinji rečeno je da se na njezin outfit požalila nastavnica koja je u teretanu dovela skupinu učenika tinejdžerske dobi.

Nastavnica je, navodno, smatrala kako njezin sportski komplet otkriva previše kože te da bi to moglo ometati djecu u vježbanju. Bijesna Gabi odmah je poslala oštru pritužbu ravnatelju škole, koju je podijelila i na svojemu Instagram profilu. Njezina je objava brzo postala viralna.


Problem je uvidjela tek kasnije

U međuvremenu se ispostavilo da se na dizačicu utega nije žalila učiteljica, nego je njezina odjevna kombinacija zasmetala vlasnici teretane, koja je mislila da Gabi nosi tangice preko biciklističkih hlačica. Naime, Australka je nosila tajice sa šavom na stražnjici koje naglašavaju žensku pozadinu, no slučajno ih je odjenula naopako.



O svemu je progovorila na Instagramu, a mnogi su se složili s njome i ocijenili da je incident neprihvatljiv te da objektivizira žene. Kasnije je napisala i članak o cijelome događaju za portal Mamamia, a, kako kaže, kada su joj prišli zaposlenici, prvo su je pitali nosi li tange.

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Apart from straightforward narcissism, I have a reason for posting pictures of myself all over Instagram lately. I am raising money for @labour_behind_the_label by taking part in their #sixitemschallenge – I'm wearing just six items of clothing for six weeks (not including footwear, underwear, excercisewear + one winter coat {it's still hard}). Here's one example of one of the awful things going on in the garment industry that should help explain why I'm doing this; Because the minimum wage in Bangladesh is so low and the cost of living is increasing so that they can't afford even basic necessities, Bengali garment workers with no other route for raising their frustrations held peaceful walk-outs and demonstrations for a higher wage. Instead of agreeing to pay a living wage, or even to bring forward a wage review, factory owners brought unsubstantiated criminal complaints against hundreds of labor leaders and garment workers. At least 34 activists and workers were arrested and jailed during December 2016 to February 2017. Several of them reported receiving threats of torture or death while in custody. Right now, labour behind the label is lobbying huge clothing companies that use those factories (like #h&m #gap #zara #northface #lee) to take action and force the criminal charges to be dropped. You can go to their website to sign the petition. Labour behind the label also lobbies companies like this to adopt ethical clothing policies that protect people in these situations. There's a link in my bio to sponsor me, or as I'm also going to post this on Facebook as I'm now desperate, I'll post a link in the comments underneath. Okay fab. ————————————- Clothing specs: Top- made of sustainable organic cotton by Penny Sage Skirt- Secondhand (recycling 😇) Sneakers- by Veja and are eco-friendly and fairtrade

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Promijenila je teretanu

“Bila sam zbunjena pitanjem. Tange jedine i nosim, udobne su i nemam crte ispod odjeće. Čekajte, ovo je ludo. Zašto se branim zbog svojega izbora donjeg rublja?!”, napisala je Goddard.

“I dalje mislim da je moja odjeća bila primjerena te da to nije ničija briga osim moje. Trebala su mi dva dana da shvatim u čemu je bio problem. Promijenila sam teretanu”, dodala je kasnije za Daily Mail.

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HELLO. Excuse the photo quality, I specifically didn’t want to take new photos for what I’m going to talk about, so I used what I could find in my camera roll. This is entirely divergent for me; I want to talk about body image. I heard through a friend yesterday about another friend commenting about how they’re jealous of my body and how I don’t do anything and look the way I do. I DO NOT want to be part of that culture on instagram. I never want you to be jealous of my figure. I’m so SICK of the prescribed beauty standards the patriarchy says we have to fit into, giving us accolades when we starve ourselves or engage in unhealthy levels of exercise without recovery. The patriarchy tells you you should damage your body to be loved. The healthiest and happiest I have EVER BEEN in my body is NOW. I was very sick in high school, I spent weeks at a time in bed, and my muscles atrophied and I lost fat from being too nauseated to eat. I emerged from my sick bed teensy tiny (size 4–6 AU/00-0 US) at almost 170cm tall. My waist until I had a surgery in 2016 was 50cm. I was very proud of it. I lost it in a surgery that caused me to have diastasis recti (common in pregnancy). But that should never have been possible from a laparoscopy. It was only because I had no strength and no muscle… so how could my abs hold themselves together under pressure? But I didn’t know that was what was wrong for a long time. I spiralled, started hating my body more than I ever had, and became obsessive about getting my waist back. I cried about it and talked to everyone about it and went to doctor after doctor. I spent hours at a time, day after day, googling to find out what had gone wrong in that surgery. My identity was in my tinyness, and I felt I had lost it. It took me a couple of years to figure out it was DR, but when I did I realised I needed to get much stronger. So, in what was about the same level of difficulty for me as learning a new language, I found a good coach and started lifting heavy weights. I now FIRMLY believe there is no type of exercise that is better for women’s wellbeing and capacity in a world that doesn’t prioritise them. Continued in comments.

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